Need any type of white holiday lights or patio lights - any size/shape, but must be some shade of white. Will be used indoors for a concert. I'll also take strings that are half lit or have a few missing/unlit bulbs; but at least some of the string needs to work. Thanks!
Have new kitten and would like her to learn to scratch on something other then furniture!
I am in search of a 23 liter/6 gallon glass carboy. Any chance one is tucked away from former brewing days? If you wish it returned, that works great, too. I would need it for 2-3 months. Thanks for considering!
We are hoping to adopt a hedgehog soon and would love to obtain a cage, aquariam, or habitat for the little guy. Let me know if you have any sort of critter housing you are looking to pass onto another family. Thank you!
Looking for 1 or more baby gates and/or baby fencing or dog fencing. Needed temporarily only. Thanks.
Need blankets in any condition. Would especially appreciate old electric blankets but will take regular blankets as well. Thanks!
My daughter is in need of roughly 25' of 18-6 thermostat wire, if anyone has some leftover from a project. Greatly appreciated.
I find myself in need of a kazoo or two. I have no idea where to find one. Can someone help? :)
moving and am in need of as much of it as i can get my gloves on:) ronnie
Looking for old maps to use for crafts, any type of map will work!
Looking for coaster sized tiles to make into crafts.
If you have a saxophone that's tucked away and not being used, I would like to start playing again and will give it a good home where its music comes to life once more. Thanks!
If anyone has a vaporizer /humidifier they aren't using. I'd love to take it off your hands. Thanks Robert
Looking for a a small or partial container of both or either arcrylic topcoat sealant for VCT ( vinyl composite tiles) and also if you have an acrylic floor wax sealer. We would greatly appreciate either & will pick up promptly at your earliest convenience. Thanks so much and have wonderful holidays!
I live in downtown Wisconsin Dells and have a ton of feral cats around our neighborhood. I would like to give them a warm place to get out of the weather. I have a heater to put inside for heat and will supply them with some water daily and a supply of food. Let me know what you have and where you are. Thank you for your time and help with this matter!
Hello, I am looking for a used unlocked cell phone to allow me to purchase a sim card and port my landline to google voice.
In search of a couple area rugs. Neutral in color, open to any medium-large size. Thanks in advance!
Hi, I m looking for a pair of women s snow boots, size 8 with good tread on the bottom soles. Mine are very worn and I slipped a couple of times last year.
I have a roku box I would like to share with my roommate. It is one that requires a 3.5 to RCA connection. I only have the HDMI cord and he has a old TV. If anyone has one that is not being used, it would be greatly appreciated.
Sorry for the double post, but just to clarify I'm looking for a working computer keyboard that connects to the USB port, because mine went on the fritz. I think my last post was a little ambiguous. I live on the west side of campus and have a relatively flexible schedule and can drive anywhere in/around Madison. If you have one to get rid of, I'd be much obliged! Thanks again, Collin