I am looking for at least one broken trolling motor to try and repair mine. If you have one that you no longer use let me know and I will make arrangements to come get it.
Our fridge and freezer just died so searching for any size fridge/freezer to put the contents in while we try to figure out how to fix it or whether to get new one. Thanks!
Looking for that Spainish learning cd set you gave up on and put on the shelf. Thanks
Need a small amount of something similar to miniwax Polycrylic or alternately Tung or Lingseed oil for refinished wood project. Thanks so much & we will pick up promptly at your earliest convenience. Have a great weekend!
Located in McFarland with a very small car, potentially can rent a truck for a large item. I have an empty family room, looking for basic and clean items that are family-friendly (not too sharp of edges, sanded, etc)
I am looking for an Earth Machine brand compost bin from which to salvage parts. I especially need the front access hatch. The top is a secondary need.
Hello, I am looking for a set of three Wisconsin State Fair Tickets so that I can take my family (mostly for the little one). Thank you!
Would like shrub root balls to throw in my pool pond for the summer. Will be putting them in guppy and livebearer tanks when the season is over. Preferably aged/sun dried but will take newly dug as well. TIA
In search of a cradle I can clean/ fix up and make my own or a cosleeper. If you have one available I would love to pick up. Anywhere near or around Madison ok. Thanks in advance!
Does anybody know where a patch of St. John's wort is growing, that I could harvest?
Looking for your unwanted Halloween decorations, props, lights, animatronics, or whatever you may have and are no longer wanting to take up room at your home. Happy haunting
Looking for a queen sized bed frame to get my mattress off the floor! Preferably, one that doesn't need a box spring/has enough slats or whatever to support a mattress by itself. Thank you!
I am looking for a working ceiling fan. If you have one, I would be more than happy to come and get it. Thank you!!!