Men's Winter Boots Size 11 or larger.
We are hosting a 12 year old girl from Colombia this summer...with plans on adopting her...Seeking a bike for a 12 year old. Thanks, in advance! :-)
I m hoping some one out here has a king size bed frame. A slot frame (so you don t need a box spring) would be ideal, but even a metal frame would be great. Thank you in advance.
Searching for a car roof cargo box (hard shell or otherwise) - condition and/or missing parts matter not. Thanks, Freecycle team!
My kitty is in love with suitcases (he likes them even better than his kitty bed or his perch) and I want to make a kitty bed out of one. If you have a small carryon suitcase - broken is fine (possibly even better than functional), I would gladly pick it up. Thanks!
We're prepping for a move in two weeks and were looking for a nice collection of cardboard boxes if you have some available. Thanks!
In search of a weather resistant tarp to put up in parking spot to protect my outdoor car from rain, snow, etc. Thank you!
I am searching for my wedding ring that flew off my finger in my mother's front yard. I know about where it should be, but I have been looking since last fall until the snow fell. If anyone has a metal detector I could use to find my ring, I would be ever so appreciative! Thanks for freecycling!
We have been without an oven for a while now. If anyone is replacing an old one and need to get rid of it please let me know. Will pick up. I know its a long shot but have to try. Thanks
I have an artist friend who needs to build a loft in his art space since he temporarily has to considerably downsize. If you have any steel I-beams 8 feet and over, it would be greatly appreciated.
Hi! I am looking for magazines. I will take any and all, now and ongoing. If you have a pile that you want to get rid of or work somewhere that has many month subscriptions piling up, I will take them. Thanks!
I'm moving,and in great need of bubble wrap and/or news paper. Thank you.
I am in need of 120 old tennis balls to put on my 30 classroom chair legs for the students - the old chairs don't slide, they make lots of noise and scratch the floor up. I will take any that I can get - appreciate it!
Looking for a small dog or cat neck cone/collar (for when an animal has in injury they shouldn t lick). Thank you
Looking for scrap 25 or 50 pair telephone wire. Any lengths are helpful.
Seeking any unwanted potted Easter plants (lilies, hyacinths, tulips, daffodils) - will transplant into my garden. Also looking to adopt a Betta fish (already have a tank for it). Prompt pickup promised. Thanks for considering this request.
I am in need of a Small Chest Freezer - thanks for considering..
Looking for an outdoor kids playset/swingset that's in decent shape.
Looking for hand-lenses or jewel's loupes with greater than 20X magnification to use on nature education walks. Also looking for a copy of the book, "Lichens of North America" put out by Yale Press. Thanks, folks!
Looking for a wooden door to replace our current one - we'd like to put in a dog door. It'd be nice to find one with a glass portion (not full-length). Approx 31" x 80", if it's a little big we can sand it down! Willing to pick up ourselves, within an hour's drive of West Side is fine. Thanks!
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