Was thinking about buying some of these. Wanted to see if there were any that people aren't using first.
Got an old window screen? I'm looking for a piece of screen, about 12x16 inches for the top of a hamster cage. Thank you!
Looking for a patio furniture set with good bones. Don't care if its pretty as long as its structurally sound.
Looking for a used, but usable, black and white laser printer for basic printing. To be used with MacBook, need USB or wireless connectivity. Thank you!
Hi, Have any clean bubble wrap, bubble wrap mailing envelopes or smal boxes you can part with? Let me know with an idea of when it would be good to pickup and where? Thanks so much! g
Need approximately 1 yd of sand for a landscape project. We can pick up and haul.
I am looking for any size canning jars you don't need. Or large pickle jars.
It's a long shot, but I'm looking for a medium sized dress form. I've never had one before, but in researching it I either need a medium sized adjustable one, or a set of pads to add bulk where needed. Thanks for considering me!
Need large rocks for a garden border (approx. 5-9" size). If anyone has any they need to get rid of, or if your field has a ton I'll come collect.
I am looking for milk jugs to protect my seedlings in my garden, and also to carry water to it. Thanks!
I am looking for yarn and am not particular on the color. It can be a yarn blend, cotton, wool, bamboo, silk, nylon, etc...I m teaching my niece and son to knit and they are very excited. Thank you
I have several mature trees in my yard and leaves accumulate in the shrubs and flower beds. Since three of the tress are locusts they drop leaves twice a season and the leaves are small. I really need a working leaf blower. If anyone has one that they don't need I would be very grateful to have it.
Our Disabled/DEAF Daughter was gifted a playhouse. But we have to move it ourselves. It's at 13X11 and not sure how heavy it is, but it's mad of wood and has a loft. We would be very grateful. Thanks.
I need to large sized cardboard box (roughly the size of most boxes you get with a flat screen TV), at least 40" wide, but up to 48" would be OK. Other dimensions don't really matter a ton, but ultimately I need a 40" x 8 x 14" box (I can cut the other sizes down to fit). Let me know when & where I can pick this up! Thanks!
I m in need of a full size bed set (comforter and sheets) that are pinks or purples, or a combination of both, in color.
Hi all, I'm looking for a clear round tabletop for a patio table. The metal support is a 36" wrought iron so I need something 36" or a bit larger. If you have one lying around, please let me know! Thanks!
I'm looking for any amount of chain link fence. We have chickens in the middle of town and we like to let them out. We've now got neighborhood dogs that seem very interested in our ladies so we want to keep them safe. Thank you in advance! -Carrie
I am looking for a Charcoal grill that is good working condiiton.