I don't know if it's out yet, but in addition to the Sports Illustrated issue with Ovechkin on the cover (June 18) I'm also ISO the Capitals Stanley Cup Commemorative issue (whole team on the cover). Thanks in advance!
I have a little yard and looking to see if anyone has a Hand Mower that works good and doesn't use it or wants to get rid of it? I would really appreciate it. Thank you!
Any outdoor clothes brand will do. Anyone has one to spare? Thanks!
Need a lift chair in good condition for sleeping from a surgery.
I'd like to make a kayak caddy to make moving my kayak easier. Think I could use a range of wheel sizes for this (so long as I have two that are the same size).
I'm collecting paper grocery bags for Badger Prairie Needs Network to use in distributing food. If anyone has any they don't need, let me know. I'm willing to pick up in the Verona area. I may be willing to drive farther if you have a lot of bags. Thank you for considering! Beth
I'm a big Washington Capitals fan from way back and would love to own this issue.
Looking for a computer monitor, any size, so long as it has an an HDMI or VGA connection. Thanks!
5 stud holes on them
Looking for a piece of steel about 18 inches in diameter. Figured a disc plow blade would be just about right. condition does not matter
I am looking for some kitty litter boxes to make into bicycle panniers. Tidy Cat boxes were recommended by a friend, but I'd be willing to try other boxes.
Searching for an a/c Unit for an apartment
Old basement storm windows wanted for art project. (approximately 17 x 34) Condition is not important.
I need an aloe plant. Anyone have one I could have?
Looking for CDs/DVDs to chop up for art. Have any old discs you'd like to recycle?
Looking for a portable cassette player that doesn't play CD's.
Looking for a scobie to start making kombucha again. Thanks!
Mine quit and hoping someone might be upgrading.I work weekdays, pickup on evenings or weekend.
I would like a medium sized styrofoam cooler, the "disposable" type.
Are you putting your aluminum cans like pop, beer ect. out for the junk? Would you be willing for me to come get your cans from you instead? Do you know a restaurant, bar or work that just tosses them in the junk? Please let me know, wanting to get cans, and willing to pick up sometime around contact time then we can have a conversation about possible more pick ups. Thank you. *Moderator Note: ...
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